PLANET Series Universal Section Bending Machines

PLANET Options

Even though your Parmigiani PLANET in standard configuration is delivered with a package of features that usually are not available in the other machines our R & D department has designed a wide range of tooling and accessories for bending beams on the hard way, for pipe rolling, half pipes forming and rolling and for a great variety of special bending applications in order to increase productivity and quality of the finished for special materials.

Great Options and Accessories

■ Devices for bending beams and channels on-edge  (x-x axis).


■ Rolls for pipes.


■ Six programmable digital readouts for the lateral guiding rolls position.


■ Device for spiralling or coiling of pipes and tubes with tooling for calibration of pitch

    and coils diameter.


■ Half-pipe forming and rolling attachments and tooling.


■ Rolls for square and rectangular tubes.


■ Rolls and pushing units for rolling sections to diameters smaller than

    attainable with standard rolls.


■ Rolls for special shape sections.


■ Calibrating devices for repetitive works, accurate spiralling and coiling.


■ Hardened pushing plates.


■ Control panel on swing arm.


■ Elongated shafts for rolling wider sections.


■ Mandrel system for hollow sections.


■ Hydraulic pushing roll device to keep angle leg-in and leg-out (and other sections)

    firmly against the top roll.


■ Increased rolling speed with full drive torque (turbo speed).


■ CNC controls: FAST or STRADIVARI.


■ Special operating voltage or special electrics.


■ Remote assistance via modem.

spiral pipe rolling

Pipe Spiralling

pushing roll for section bender 4 roll

Hydraulic pushing roll and Stradivari CNC control

beams bender H beams and I beams
profile special bending and rolling

Pulling device for bending beams on the hard-way

Rolls for special shape sections.

high speed section bending machine

Special execution with increased rolling speed with full drive torque and control panel on swing arm

pipe spiralling with pitch control pipe rolling machine

Pipe rolls and special support for  coiling





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