PLANET Series Universal Section Bending Machines

PLANET Controls

Everything is under control

Dedicated controls from PARMIGIANI for section rolling cover an entire range of applications.

All softwares are in house developed by Parmigiani technicians with great experience in section rolling.

From the simple, compact DIGIMATIC  to the STRADIVARI (unlimited number of axis) there's a PARMIGIANI control for nearly every application.

Parmigiani NC and CNC controls are

100% in house developed.

Controls are an essential requirement for executing precision rolling applications. Select the SAVE&BEND with its 10.4” display or the FAST with a 15” display or the STRADIVARI with a 19" display. They function just like a tablet with touch-screens: navigating through the options is simplified via menus, shortcuts and with context-sensitive help



with Automatic program mode for single radius shapes: the control automatically creates the complete bending program, simply entering the part data (radius, length, yield factor, type and size of section), with all the sequence for obtaining the required shape. If necessary the program theoretically calculated by the control can be optimized by the operator.

The control include also the multi-pass feature selectable by the operator in function of part size and characteristics.

The control include also the interpolation function that allow to produce multi radius shapes.

cnc controlled section bending rolls

• 15” full color display, touch – screen

• 3 Controlled Axis   (unlimited upgradeable number of axis)

• Three possible ways of programming: Aided, Editing and Play-back mode

• Storage Memory Capacity: up to 10.000 programs

• Advanced Extended Diagnostic

• Profile feeding measurement via pneumatic pushing roll with encoder

• Infinitely variable rolls rotation speed controlled by the CNC

• Infinitely variable side rolls positioning speed controlled by the CNC




• Operator’s panel with 7” wide screen


• High resolution full color display, touch – screen


• Two controlled axis: left and right bending rolls ( X and Y)


• Two possible ways of programming:

  Editing and Play-back mode


• Storage Memory Capacity:

  up to 1000 programs of 60 step each

bending machine positioning controls

NC Control type PARMIGIANI “SAVE and BEND”:

The entry level NC with 3 controlled axis,  for fully automatic working mode.

• 10,4” full color display, touch – screen


• 3 Controlled Axis  (it can be upgraded up to 9 axis)


• Two possible ways of programming:

  Editing and Play-back mode


• Storage Memory Capacity:

  up to 2.000 programs of 50 step each

nc control for profile bending machine
high tech cnc control for angle rolls and profile bending machines

The STRADIVARI control is the most advanced CNC control today available in the market with Automatic program mode  ("Self programming") for single radius and multi radius shapes starting from bending wizards.

Flying production with 3-D ROLLCAD to program and perform the most complicated bending operations.

The most advanced


for sections and pipe rolling






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