PLANET Series Universal Section Bending Machines

PLANET Pipes rolling

Even though your Parmigiani PLANET in standard configuration is delivered with a package of features that usually are not available in the other machines our R & D department has designed a wide range of tooling and accessories for bending beams on the hard way, for pipe rolling, half pipes forming and rolling and for a great variety of special bending applications in order to increase productivity and quality of the finished for special materials.

Rolls and tooling for Pipe rolling

Pipe rolling

bending rolling of 20 inches pipes and tube
rolling round tubes with variable radius

20" pipes rolled with a Planet angle roll

Pipe and half-pipe spiralling

profile bending machines rolling pipes and tube and square tubolar sections
rolling pipes and tube on bending machine
tube bender spiralling

To guarantee a tight rolling tolerance in the bending diameter the Parmigiani PLANET can be equipped with an additional calibrating roll.

The calibrating roll placed on the hydraulically controlled guide rolls act as a bending device to mantain constant the bending diameter during pipe rolling.

continuous pipe and tube rolling on profile section bending machines and angle rolls

Special support for coiling and pitch control

for pipes and half-pipes forming and rolling

pipe coiling machine
rolling pipes for heat exchanger and boilers
tube rolling and forming
shaped rolls for tube and pipes






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